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Technically, you can design and automate any system with on/off switches and relays — but there’s a few industries we tend to find ourselves working in more often than not.

Car Wash

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If your industry is in this list, sounds like a TKO. If not, that’s ok too. It’s not a super secret club. We’re always up for a challenge. Don’t hesitate to hit us up.

car-wash-01Car Washes

Save over $1,000 in energy costs, and let your Motor Control Center text you when something’s not right.


We build the best UL 508a certified panels faster than anyone else. Let us create the parts you need at the price you want.


We can send you fully-customized VFD panels, giving you complete control over each volt of power in your operation.

solar-01Solar Power

Maximize energy acquisition by programming your solar panels to face the sun, no matter what time it is.


With SCADA and our automation control systems, you’ll know exactly what’s going on at your plant…from your laptop.


Our control systems can automate complete manufacturing lines, saving you a whole lot of time and money.

oil-and-gas-01Oil & Gas

The SCADA system will give you data trends and warnings on your laptop, putting you in complete control — even remotely.


SCADA systems not only give you the data you need to run your plant, they can automatically shut down if you spring a leak.

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